Officially established since 2010, Saint Angela Choir is a school based choir from Bandung, Indonesia. Under the direction of Roni Sugiarto, Saint Angela Choir has participated in various international competitions and concerts such as in China, Japan, Italy, South Korea and Spain. Saint Angela Choir is the 2nd prize winner of the 49th Tolosa Choral Contest, which is a part of the European Grand Prix of Choral Singing, and the Grand Prix Winner of the 5th Tokyo International Choir Competition 2023. Saint Angela Choir has also worked with some well known conductors : Haruko Kuwabara, Maria Theresa Vizconde Roldan, Jude B Roldan, Mark Anthony Carpio, Basilio Astulez Duque, Darius Lim, and Josu Elberdin to name a few.

Saint Angela Choir is currently representing Indonesia as a member of the Young Voices of the World, which is an association of children‘s and youth choirs around the world. In order to promote children and youth’s choral singing in Indonesia, Saint Angela Choir has arranged 3 editions of Saint Angela Children and Youth Choir Festival since 2014.

Roni Sugiarto

Music Director

Roni Sugiarto is one of the leading conductor of children and youth choir in Indonesia. He is known for his award-winning choir, Saint Angela Choir, where he promotes genuine, expressive and beautiful appropriate singing for children and youth. With SAC, he has attained international achievements in Hangzhou, Japan, Rome, Florence, South Korea and Tolosa, Spain. In 2023, he won the Grand Prix of the 5th Tokyo International Choir Competition 2023.

His vocal and conducting education is taken under the tutelage of Joseph Kristanto and Avip Priatna. On 2009-2010, he got scholarship from German Government (Goethe-Institut) to further studying conducting through “Conducting Workshop for Orchestra” programme in Bangkok, Thailand under the baton of Gudni A. Emilsson (Tubingen, Germany)

His experience in choral singing is enhanced by his selection as an Indonesian representatives at many events, namely the Indonesia National Youth Choir 2005, World Youth Choir 2006 (Milan, Italy), World Youth Choir 2007 (South Africa) and World Youth Choir 2008 (Hongkong – Guangzhou – Macau). He had also joined as active participant at several vocal and conducting masterclasses from Jonathan Velasco (Philippines), Julie Spitill (Australia), Marcus LaPratt(USA), and Martin Nagashima Taft (Denmark).

Roni is currently acting as the Music Director of Paduan Suara Mahasiswa ITB Bandung and PSM SDG FH Undip Semarang, and as the Artistic Director of Saint Angela Children and Youth Choir Festival and the Satya Dharma Gita National Choir Festival. He has also adjudicated several international and national choir competitions/festivals, as well as being active in leading choral and conducting workshops.

Nicholas Rio

Associate Music Director & Pianist

Nicholas Rio (b. 1992) is an Indonesian accompanist, arranger and composer born in Bandung. He learned electone since he was 5 under the tutelage of Vivi Nathalia, before later studied clasiccal piano to Ine Lopulisa and jazz piano to Bambang Nugroho. He joined several piano masterclasses from Gordon Fergus Thompson, Ian Jones, Andrew Zolinsky and Moritz Ernst; while also learning composition under Nathan Iskandar. He also joined several choral workshops from Mark Anthony Carpio, Jonathan Velasco, Brady Allred, Haruko Kuwabara and Albert Tay. Rio learned conducting from Daniel Victor, and joined composition workshops from Stephen Leek, Jude Roldan, Stacy Garrop, Ken Steven and Z Randall Stroope.

A pianist of various concerts and competitions. Rio represents Indonesia on the 19th Festival Choral International en Provence and the 6th Festival Choral International en Aveyron as the pianist of Magnificat Church Choir Studio (2014); the pianist of Saint Angela Choir, winning 2nd prize on the 49th Tolosa Choral Contest (2017), and Grand Prix Winner of the 5th Tokyo International Choir Competition (2023); the pianist of Colours Choir on Singapore International Choral Festival (2019), and the pianist of Telkom University Choir concert tour at South Korea (2022). As a composer, his piece “Fecit Potentiam” was crowned as the winner of the 7th Satya Dharma Gita Choir Festival 2019 composition competition, Musica Sacra Category. Rio’s arrangements and compositions has also been published by MuzikSEA, and has been featured as a part of Maria Theresa Vizconde Roldan’s Choral Series “Choral Adventures: Explore, Educate, Enthrall”.